Proposed NAPA Bylaws changes

Proposed NAPA By-Law Changes 2017
Approximately 2 years ago a special committee was created to review the current NAPA By-Laws and Academy Rules.  This committee consisted of 4 NAPA members that have served the Academy in several roles over the years. The purpose of the special committee was to make recommendations for appropriate changes to the NAPA By-Laws and Academy Rules and to address the increasing number of practicing PAs in the state and the increasing number of PA programs in the state.  The last By-Laws update was April 2009. The recommendations of the special committee were presented to the Board of Directors initially in October 2016.  The BOD reviewed the recommendations and voted to present them to the general membership. Changes to the NAPA By-Laws require a general membership vote to be held at the General Membership Meeting on April 7, 2017 at the NAPA CME Convention.  
After reviewing the recommendations from the special committee the following updates summarized here are proposed by the NAPA BOD.  A copy of the complete NAPA By-Laws with changes highlighted is available on the NAPA website and by request from the NAPA office. 
1) House of Delegates (HOD).  The number of HOD members NAPA has is defined by the AAPA and related to the number of AAPA members there are in each state.  Recently, NAPA has been instructed by the AAPA to increase its HOD delegates from 3 to 4.  Proposed changes for HOD members will define the HOD term of office.  
  • Terms in years shall correspond to the number of delegates appointed by the AAPA at the time of election to the delegate position.
Additionally, in the event that the BOD has an even number of board members, the Chief HOD Delegate will become a voting member of the board. 
  • In the event there is an even number of voting officers, the Chief Delegate will have voting privileges at the Board Meetings.
2) Student Members.  With the increasing number of PA programs in the state, NAPA needed to redefine student involvement on the NAPA board and clarify NAPA membership. The BOD proposes that students from either accredited or provisionally accredited PA programs are eligible for student membership to NAPA.   Only PA Student representatives from accredited PA programs will hold a BOD position with full voting privileges.  This allows programs with provisional accreditation to become familiar with NAPA prior to gaining BOD voting privileges. 
  • Two (2) Student members shall be the Student representatives, with full privileges of a Board member.  The student representatives shall be the President, or his/her appointee, of each Student Society from a(n) (provisionally) an accredited Physician Assistant Program within the State of Nebraska.
  • Members in good standing of a Student Society from a(n) (provisionally) accredited Physician Assistant Program shall be eligible for membership in the Academy by such standing.
3) Goals and Priorities Committee.   This change clarifies that the President, President- Elect, Treasurer and Secretary are on the Goals and Priorities Committee.  The Immediate Past President serves as committee chair. 
4) Committee Restructuring: 

The Publications and Communications Committee will become two different committees.  

     a) Publications Committee.  This committee will focus on the newsletter.

     b) Communications Committee.  This committee will focus on the NAPA website and social media. 

     c) The Finance Committee will be renamed the Finance and Investments Committee. 
5) Secretary.  The Secretary term will become a 3 year term (at the time of the next secretary election) in order to maintain consistency.  The 4 Board Members at Large and Treasurer have 3 year terms as well. 
6) Clean up language, grammar, punctuation and formatting of current By-Laws.  
7) Judicial Committee. In order to have a Judicial Committee composed of more than one member, this change proposes that the Judicial Committee is composed of the committee chair, the President Elect, and Immediate Past President. 
Thank you for reviewing these proposed changes.  Please feel free to reach out to any NAPA BOD member with questions, concerns or clarification that may be needed.  As always, we are here to serve the NAPA membership!
A complete copy of the by-laws with all updates is available in the 'Download' section on the website.
Submitted by NAPA President Bridget Burke 

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